10 Benefits of Modernizing Outdated Elevators in Commercial Buildings
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modernizing your elevators

10 Benefits of Modernizing Outdated Elevators in Commercial Buildings

Using outdated elevators can be frustrating for several reasons. They’re slow and subject occupants in commercial buildings to long waits. Outdated elevators are extremely energy inefficient and highly susceptible to breakdowns. They also frequently overheat due to inadequate ventilation.

All these problems make outdated elevators unsafe and inconvenient to use. Here, we discuss the advantages of modernizing your elevators.

10 Benefits of Modernizing Your Elevators

Many commercial buildings today still use elevators that were installed several decades ago. Repairing and maintaining these outdated elevators can be extremely costly. For that reason, elevator modernization is advisable. Elevator modernization benefits the occupants and managers of commercial buildings and facilities in several ways:

  1. Operational Efficiency. Modernization makes elevators more efficient by introducing destination dispatch technology, which reduces wait times and prevents wasted trips by grouping occupants based on their destination.
  2. Safety. Elevator modernization adds safety features, including safety brakes, an emergency evacuation feature, hoistway door interlocks and safety switches, and door sensors and restraints.
  3. Energy costs. Modernizing your elevators reduces energy costs. Rather than lose energy in the form of heat, these modern elevators can redirect it back into the commercial building.
  4. Repair/Maintenance Costs. Upgrading your elevator’s critical components translates into repair and maintenance cost savings because they malfunction less frequently.
  5. Electromagnetic Noise. Modernizing elevators reduces electromagnetic noise, which can disrupt wireless networks. The level of electromagnetic noise varies depending on the elevator’s solid-state drive.
  6. Reliability. Modernized elevators are not as susceptible to breakdowns as outdated ones, so building occupants benefit from convenience because malfunctions are rare.
  7. Building Code. Modernization ensures that elevators are compliant with current accessibility codes. For example, you can install light curtain technology that detects small obstructions.
  8. Sanitization. Elevator modernization makes it easy to clean and sanitize the elevators quickly. For example, you can add a UV light feature that disinfects the surfaces and air inside the elevator.
  9. Ventilation. Modernizing your elevators enhances air circulation, making them more comfortable to use.
  10. Aesthetics. Modernizing elevators can improve their aesthetics by incorporating a modern design language and matching it to the interior design of your commercial building or facility.

Partial vs. Complete Elevator Modernization

There are two types of elevator modernization: partial and complete modernization. Partial modernization prioritizes and addresses the main problems with outdated elevators. It involves installing or upgrading a few essential parts, such as the drive and the controller.

While partial modernization extends the lifespan of an elevator, the benefits are limited because many outdated components compromise performance and safety. Complete modernization addresses this problem by replacing the entire elevator. In this case, you replace the elevator by installing a new one into the existing hoistway.

This option completely overhauls your elevator system, bringing it up to par with the latest performance, safety and aesthetic standards. It is recommended if they are way past their lifespans, as specified by the manufacturer. At this point, the cost of repairing an outdated elevator exceeds the cost of replacing it.

Elevator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Elevator modernization makes elevators more efficient, reliable and safer, among several other benefits. Contact PEAK Elevator today for reliable elevator installation, repair and maintenance services.

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