5 Common Signs Your Elevator Equipment Needs Maintenance
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elevator equipment

5 Common Signs Your Elevator Equipment Needs Maintenance

In this U.S. alone, elevators make over 18 billion trips a year, so proper elevator equipment maintenance is a must. Not only does it keep your building convenient for those who do business with you, but it also helps you remain ADA compliant so everyone who wants to can access all of the floors of your building. Maintaining elevator equipment is a crucial aspect of ensuring that accessibility remains in place. Yet, elevator equipment maintenance is easy to forget about. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a maintenance check, watch for these five signs that you are overdue.

1. Stops That Aren’t Level

When your elevator stops, it should have its floor level with the floor it’s opening onto. If there is a difference of a few inches, the people getting off or on the elevator could trip. This sign indicates it’s time to call for elevator maintenance or repair. Sometimes, the issue is a minor maintenance issue, and fixing it could eliminate many headaches and risks for your building.

2. Unusual Noises

You want your elevator to operate fairly quietly. While there is some mechanical noise, loud clunking, squeaking, thudding, or banging is a sign of a serious issue. Proper elevator equipment maintenance will eliminate most sources of unusual noises, and sometimes, these indicate you need elevator repair. Remember, the people using your elevator aren’t going to feel safe if the equipment is loud, and loud noises are often an indicator of something else going on behind the walls.

3. Slowing Down

If your elevator starts moving more slowly than usual, it’s time to talk to an elevator technician. This problem often arises due to a lack of maintenance of elevator equipment, but it can also occur if the elevator regularly carries more than it should. Either way, you will want to have a thorough evaluation to ensure the elevator isn’t nearing a breakdown when it starts slowing down in this way.

4. Breaking Frequently

Are you pulling out the “out of order” sign more frequently? If you have to call for elevator equipment repair regularly, it may be due to not maintaining elevator equipment properly. Some breakdowns will happen no matter how well you maintain the equipment, but if the equipment breaks down repeatedly, poor maintenance is likely the culprit. After you repair the equipment or replace it, make sure you start investing in maintenance more regularly.

5. Scratches on Doors

If you notice horizontal scratches on the doors of your elevator, either inside or outside, it indicates they aren’t aligned properly. While scratches are little more than an aesthetic issue, the underlying misalignment will eventually lead to a breakdown. The scratches are the first sign, and investing in maintenance when you notice them could help you avoid a future breakdown.

As you look over this list, pay attention to any signs you’re seeing in your elevators. If you feel your elevator equipment needs maintenance, give the team at Peak Elevators a call to schedule a visit from one of our elevator technicians.

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