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6 Questions to Ask about Elevator Maintenance and Repair

Knowing when, and how, to seek help for your commercial or residential elevator service needs can save hours of time and effort. Not to mention, it helps protect the investment you have made in your elevator equipment. At PEAK Elevator™, we take pride in educating our clients about quality elevator maintenance and repair solutions. If you are a building manager or property owner with elevator troubles, you may not know where to start. PEAK Elevator™’s team of technicians has answers to the top questions worth asking as you reevaluate your property’s elevator service plan.

How often should I service my elevator equipment?

Most elevator companies recommend scheduling maintenance services for your equipment every month. This can vary, depending on your elevator’s make, model, and usage, as certain parts will require more frequent upkeep than others. State-specific code requirements and jurisdictional regulations also affect your maintenance schedule. Ensure you learn these laws and keep up with routine inspections to make certain that your elevator equipment is in its safest, most efficient condition for occupants.

When is it time for a elevator modernization?

It is important to recognize when it’s time to upgrade your elevator equipment. Outdated, obsolete, and worn-out parts not only hinder your elevator’s overall performance but pose safety risks to those using the equipment. Elevator downtimes can be frustrating to building occupants as they rely on the elevators to perform their daily activities. If you have noticed an influx of trouble calls, your building occupants have as well. If the costs of emergency service and your buildings image being damaged outweigh the costs of replacement, you should consider a modernization. Most elevators and escalators are designed to last approximately 20-25 years on average; any equipment older than this normally is deemed obsolete, and parts are difficult to acquire.

How much should I pay for quality elevator services?

Your greatest priority when evaluating an elevator service company should be your return-on-investment. The condition of your elevator impacts the integrity of your property. With that in mind, be sure to select an elevator maintenance company who respects your time and your budget. At PEAK Elevator™, we believe that great service does not mean a great expense. We provide cost-effective services and realistic pricing structures that prioritize your service needs while respecting your budget.

What is elevator preventive maintenance, and why does it matter?

Preventive elevator maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, reduces the need for major replacements, helps avoid unnecessary service calls, and mitigates risks and safety concerns. Routine inspection, lubrication and adjustment can keep your elevator in better operating condition for a longer period of time. Our technicians are advocates for preventive maintenance as the key to long-term performance. We’ll work with you to develop an affordable preventive maintenance plan according to your equipment’s current condition, make, model, and usage.

What should I look for in an elevator maintenance and repair technician?

When it comes to elevator equipment care, you want a skilled and knowledgeable technician. Find an elevator company that employs licensed conveyance mechanics and invests heavily in their development. Do not be afraid to ask for references or inquire about their certifications and training. Develop confidence in your elevator maintenance and repair team, and you are well on your way to creating a lasting partnership.

What sets PEAK Elevator™ apart from the rest?

PEAK Elevator™ excels in providing quality elevator and escalator services for commercial and residential clients. Our hand-selected technicians are highly qualified and continually trained to offer thorough elevator maintenance and repair services at a reasonable cost. We understand that reliable vertical transportation impacts the integrity of your building, which is why we are champions for preventive maintenance and service excellence. With more than 80 years of combined experience, our customer-focused approach sets us apart as a company you can trust with your elevator or escalator service needs.

Find out for yourself! Contact PEAK Elevator™ today for a free estimate or call our 24-hour service line (303) 466-6231 to learn more. We provide elevator and escalator services throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

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