Antibacterial Elevator Buttons: Keep Your Elevator Clean
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antibacterial elevator buttons

Antibacterial Elevator Buttons: Keep Your Elevator Clean

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintenance personnel and facility managers have looked for easier and more effective ways to help their employees and visitors stay healthy. Frequently-touched items like elevator buttons have been found to play host to exponentially more colony-forming units of bacteria than even a public toilet seat. 

Think of it this way – dozens of people will enter and exit a busy elevator over the course of an hour. Unless there are antimicrobial elevator buttons installed in the elevator, the germs that each person was previously exposed to may now live on those buttons that everyone has to push.

While self-cleaning elevator buttons don’t protect against the spread of COVID-19, they help eliminate several kinds of bacteria on an elevator button. 

Let’s take a look and antibacterial elevator buttons, how they work, and where to find them.

Antibacterial Elevator Buttons Mean Clean Elevators

If you’ve ever seen what some cultures taken from public places look like with high traffic, you will want to do everything you can to have clean elevator buttons. Made from a couple of different materials, they have gained in popularity. Here are two of the main contributors to the world of self-cleaning elevator buttons.


Designed to last the entire useful life of the product, Microban offers an elevator button that has antibacterial agents added at the point of production. While installation is a bit more in-depth than the other manufacturer, we’ll cover in a moment the Microban brand is made for durability. 

It can help prevent common bacteria on elevator buttons, such as:

Liberty Elevator Experts

Liberty has come up with a proprietary design for self-cleaning antibacterial elevator buttons. They aren’t as durable as the Microban variety that we covered above. These buttons are much easier to install and change.

Simple peel-and-stick elevator button covers are what Liberty has to offer. They are designed to last up to three months before they need to be changed. These covers are described by the manufacturer as “self-cleaning.”

Important Health Note

As mentioned above, it is important to understand that antibacterial elevator buttons are not an effective prevention method for COVID-19. COVID-19 spreads through the air you breathe, not the things you touch. That said, if you’ve ever had E.coli poisoning or a Staph infection, you’ll appreciate the efficacy of these self-cleaning elevator buttons with a 99.9% protection rate.

Cleaner Elevators At the Touch of a Button

People who feel protected from germs and other bacteria will spend more time in your facility. That comfortability translates to longevity, and longevity translates to good business sense. Take care of your customers!

Be serious about the health of the people in your building. Consider contacting a professional about antibacterial elevator buttons. The reassurance will go promote trust between management and an employee or visitor. Contact us today for a consultation or any questions you may have.  

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