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Colorado’s Most Dependable Elevator Maintenance Company

Providing Exceptional Elevator Maintenance Services Since 1980

Protect Your Investment – Trust PEAK Elevator For All Of Your Preventative Elevator Maintenance

PEAK Elevator stands as the premier choice for elevator repairs, maintenance, and modernizations in Colorado. With 44 years of experience, we proudly serve as an industry leader because we understand the importance that elevators serve for any business. Whether you are looking to keep your elevator in top condition, new construction installation, or ensuring safety of existing systems, PEAK Elevator is here to help.

PEAK Elevator is committed to providing you with the utmost in personal service and professional care for your elevator systems. We proudly serve commercial buildings of all sizes and are committed to tailoring our services to your needs.

Is Your Property In Need Of Any Elevator Maintenance? Contact Us Today For A Free Estimate!

Our Elevator Services

Peak Elevator is committed to fulfill all of your businesses’ elevator needs with our comprehensive range of services.

Our customized and affordable elevator maintenance plans are tailored to fit your facility needs, ensuring the most reliable elevator solutions possible. Our hand-selected, continually trained technicians service all makes and models of commercial elevator equipment. PEAK Elevator’s preventive maintenance plans maximize the life of your elevator equipment, protecting your investment!

Preventative Maintenance

PEAK Elevator fully understands the frustrations and hindrances when your elevator is unexpectedly out of service. To minimize downtime, we have teams dedicated solely to repairing elevator equipment in a timely manner. We have an extensive inventory of parts and tools to meet your needs and get your equipment back into operation. Our local and global vendors supply parts promptly and provide tech support, ensuring our customers the utmost urgency in service.

Elevator Repairs

As your equipment ages, it is imperative to have a modernization plan. Combined with obsolete equipment and the ever-changing code requirements, PEAK Elevator brings your existing aged elevator equipment to a reliable and compliant status. Elevator modernizations add years to the lifespan of the equipment, often proving to be a greater return on investment compared to frequent repair services.

Modernization & Upgrades

Our installation packages are non-proprietary, meaning our clients are not restricted to the original installation company for ongoing maintenance. We also support your business in obtaining all necessary permits and ensure your new elevator meets all local and standard safety and compliance requirements.

New Elevator Installation

Keep Your Elevator Operating At Peak Performance. Contact Us Today For More Information.

Colorado’s Elevator Maintenance Experts

Why Choose PEAK Elevator As Your Trusted Maintenance Company?

PEAK Elevator fully understands the frustrations and hindrances when your elevator is unexpectedly out of service.

From our decades of experience, we know the time involved and technology requirements to properly maintain your elevator and escalator equipment. Our realistic pricing is based on this.

Reasonable Pricing

Regular inspection, adjustment, and lubrication are essential for elevator and escalator equipment.

We evaluate your systems and tailor a maintenance plan to provide cost-effective, reliable, and long-term maintenance for your equipment.

Extend Your Elevator’s Life

Our team of experts will periodically conduct safety tests that are ANSI Compliant.

We provide you complete relief from your operational problems by returning your elevator(s) to normal, trouble-free service as soon as possible.

24-Hour Service

Why choose peak elevator?

When you partner with PEAK Elevator, you’re not just protecting your investment – you’re investing in a company that values top-quality customer service, safety, and reliability.

Hear from our satisfied elevator service clients

Mike Socie
Mike Socie
Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Grest service, quality work and excellent job provided with my budget without compromising safety and security if our Elevstors day to day use.
Channel Youtube
Channel Youtube
Amazing people! Oustanding company. Peak elevator!
Derek Etheredge
Derek Etheredge
Christy Martin
Christy Martin
We had an elevator issue and they were easy to contact and very prompt in response and efforts to resolve the issue! Thank You!
Art Troyer
Art Troyer
Greg Yonker
Greg Yonker
Mike Henry
Mike Henry
Recently switched to Peak Elevators from another service provider and service has been exemplary. Problems that the previous service company would not address were immediately resolved by Peak.

Experience PEAK Elevator’s Stellar Maintenance Service – Contact Us Today!

Elevator Equipment Support

PEAK Elevator is your trusted partner for all of your elevator equipment needs. We service all equipment including the following:

Trust PEAK Elevator For All Of Your Elevator Maintenance Needs

With our forefront focus on customer service, PEAK Elevator strives to exceed both industry standards and your expectations. Rely on our decades of expertise and comprehensive range of elevator services that are tailored to fit your needs.

Get Your Elevator Operating at Peak Performance. Contact Us Today!