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technician worker adjusting elevator mechanism of lift

Elevator Service Made Simple: 3 Ways PEAK Elevator™ Optimizes the Customer Experience

A malfunctioning elevator or escalator is frustrating enough, without the added stress of finding a skilled, reliable technician to come out and fix it in a timely fashion. Our team at PEAK Elevator™ understands this. That is why we have developed a brand that stands out in the vertical transportation industry on the foundations of expertise, transparency and affordability. Whether you are in need of elevator or escalator repair, installation services, routine maintenance or a modernization, PEAK Elevator places your needs and convenience at the center of everything we do. Here are three ways we optimize the customer experience.

PEAK Elevator™ offers a user-friendly service contract

Our service agreements are straightforward and easy to understand. We want you to hold us to the highest possible standard of customer service, and we value these agreements as a prime vehicle for accountability. As a non-union organization, you can be sure that our technicians will be around long enough to fulfill the terms of our elevator service contract.

PEAK Elevator™ helps you save with cost-effective services

We are a non-union company, which allows us to hand select and hire licensed conveyance mechanics that possess a deep knowledge of the vertical transportation industry. As a result, PEAK Elevator™ is able to offer affordable services that realistically take time and labor into account. Just as you can trust PEAK Elevator™ to deliver quality elevator and escalator repair services for both commercial and residential properties, you can trust us to thoughtfully consider your budget.

PEAK Elevator™ has strong relationships with suppliers

Our technicians are trained to service all makes and models of elevator and escalator equipment – even better, we do so in a timely, efficient manner. This is largely due, in part, to PEAK Elevator’s™ long-standing partnerships with suppliers. In addition to keeping a mobile inventory for our vehicle fleet, we have partnered with some of the nation’s leading elevator parts distribution suppliers to ensure minimal downtime while we perform installation and maintenance services.

The PEAK Elevator™ Difference

Our elevator and escalator maintenance services are timely, cost-effective and executed with your needs in mind. At PEAK Elevator™, we channel our passion for the industry into top-notch installation and repair services that help to maintain your building’s integrity. Find a service location near you to learn more about available elevator and escalator repair, installation, equipment upgrades and maintenance services in your area.

Contact us today for a free site survey and equipment analysis or give us a call at (303) 466-6231

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