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Are Your Elevators an Aesthetic Mess?

How often do you think about the look of your elevator? Everyone knows how important curb appeal is to a business or residential building and how important it is for the inside to match. What about the elevators in your building? Customers and tenants have to ride those elevators each day, and the last thing you want is for it to be visually unappealing.

Style Matters

Yes, performance matters too, there’s no doubt about it, but elevator ride-ability and safety should be at the top of your concerns. Once you can guarantee that the performance is not a problem, you do need to consider the style. If you are regularly riding an elevator, you are going to notice the style right away. If it is not pleasing to look at, then people are not going to want to be in it.

Panel Changes

Most elevators are replaced every twenty or so years and while elevators themselves have a long lifespan, their interior does not. Styles change over time and often rapidly, so the paneling that worked in an elevator twenty years ago is not going to work today. If you have a contemporary building, the obsolete wood paneling from decades ago will probably be an eye sore. Every few years, paneling should be replaced.

Branding Competition

Your entire building is a part of your branding. If the business down the street has a sleek elevator that matches their style, then odds are, people are going to have a higher opinion of your competition. Flow and style do have an impact on what consumers think and a messy elevator can detract from the rest of the building and hurt your bottom line.

Never let your elevator’s design ruin everything else. Yes, it’s important that your elevator runs well. You never want to let performance maintenance slip. However, it is also imperative that you do not have an aesthetic mess on your hands. People tend to be very visual and if they see something unappealing, they will stop showing up.

To learn the best ways to modernize your elevator interior and keep it visually appealing, give the experts at PEAK Elevator a call today!

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