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What to Expect During an Elevator Inspection

You should get your commercial elevator inspected at least once a year. That way you know how it is holding up and if any repairs need to be made before significant problems arise. You should always get this work done by a professional who knows what to look out for, and what certain things can take place during your inspection.

What Components Will Be Checked?
Every state has its own guidelines on what needs to be looked at during a professional elevator inspection. However, you can typically expect the expert to look at the following items.

• Lighting
• Flooring
• Smoke detectors
• Circuit breaker
• Machine room
• Fire extinguisher
• Fluids
• Pulleys
• Cables

You should be knowledgeable of where all those items are located so that you can easily show the professional where things are. Additionally, if your commercial building has an elevator machine room, the inspector will need to look in there as well.

What Needs to Be Tested?
You can also expect the inspector to take your building’s elevator for a test drive. This involves making sure all the buttons work, ensuring the elevator moves between levels smoothly and guaranteeing the doors open and close safely. If any one of those functions does not seem right, then additional actions need to be taken to locate what is going wrong.

Will You Be Able to Use the Elevator?
Since the inspector needs to check a lot of different items, you should expect to be without your building’s elevator for a few hours or potentially even the whole work day. Be sure to inform others in the building of what will be happening so that they can make other accommodations to get to their floor. It may be an inconvenience for a day, but it is well worth it.

In the event any problems are discovered during an inspection, you need to take immediate action to correct it. Your commercial elevator can be looked at by the professionals at Peak Elevator, and you can learn more about our services by calling us at 303-816-3011.

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