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different types of commercial elevators

How Long Does It Take to Install a new Elevator or Modernize an Existing One?

When you consider an elevator installation or modernization for your commercial property, there could be some serious concerns you have. Where will it go? Is it economical? How long will it last? How long will installation take? These are all great questions and should be answered before making the decision. If installation is what has got you hung up, consider the following.

1. Your Structure Must Provide Support

If you are having an elevator installed in an existing building, there may be some improvements to the building that must be made. Certain specifications have to be met, so ensuring those improvements are done is essential. Depending on the jurisdiction and the adopted code requirements, these may vary for different properties.  The best way to identify the “work by others” that needs to take place is to conduct a pre-work meeting and onsite assessment with your chosen elevator contractor.   Depending on the condition of the building, this could take weeks or months to get it all squared away.

2. Installation Is a Process


Installing an elevator isn’t a quick in and out job. From scratch, a concrete pit must be poured, reinforcements must be made and safety features for the hoistway must be installed. If there was an existing elevator, there are other steps for the installation. This could also take a generous amount of time to complete, often engineers and architects could be required to approve the drawings and permits.


3. Each Job Is Different

Although you’ll have experienced professionals on the job, every installation is different and comes with its own set of obstacles. Each project varies for new construction and modernization due to the equipment being built job-specific, as well as things such as floor rise, capacity, speed, door operation, etc. play into the design.   One couldn’t predict the amount of time installation will take based off previous jobs, but it could give you a general idea.


4. Safety Is an Essential Step

There are a variety of safety requirements that must be met before the elevator can be used. After a third-party elevator inspector or local code enforcer examines the finished product and deems it up to code, it can be used. This is often a fairly short process, but if the safety of the elevator is in question, it could take some time to bring it back up to code.  ADA accessibility is just as important as safety.  New elevators and modernized elevators have to meet a criterion for ADA-approval and the latest code adoptions.


Contact the Professional Elevator Installers

Every elevator has a unique time period required for installation because of the different factors that must be considered. For your elevator installation, upgrade, or modernization, or for questions about the length of time it takes to get it done, contact PEAK Elevator at 303-816-3011 or send an email to [email protected]


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