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How to Extend the Life of Your Elevator With Preventative Maintenance

If you are like most property managers, you want to keep your building’s operating costs low. A great place to start is with the elevator. It is possible to avoid a complete overhaul or expensive repairs of your elevator with the proper maintenance plan.

Use Your Maintenance Plan

If you have an elevator maintenance plan, you want to get the most of your plan.  You can do so by ensuring you are getting what you pay for. Is your contractor showing up when they say they will?  Do they have a check-chart in the machine room showing what they check when they do come out?  These questions can save you money and give you peace of mind.  If you do not have an elevator maintenance plan, you need one ASAP. Building managers who stay on top of elevator maintenance are less likely to have serious and costly repairs.  You can receive a detailed report of your elevator and the types of repairs and maintenance it requires to keep it in good shape to help you avoid surprises when it comes to elevator repairs.

Focus on Your Doors

Of all the elements of your elevator, the doors are the most used component on the elevator.  Doors themselves also have many moving parts, leaving them vulnerable to wear and tear.  They are also the number one reason that most elevator companies receive trouble-calls. For example, if the door misses the interlock by 1/16”, you could have a shutdown elevator. With regular elevator maintenance, technicians can identify problems with the doors to help mitigate any door issues before they become a costly repair.

Obviously, the more wear and tear the doors take, the more extensive repairs will eventually be needed.  But, again, regular inspections and maintenance may help you avoid constant trouble calls and more expensive elevator repairs.

Simply put, when it comes to your elevator, the best way you can lower the costs is through preventative maintenance. To find out more about how to lower your operating costs, contact PEAK Elevator by calling 303-529-9679 or emailing us today!

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