PEAK Elevator | The Importance of Keeping Up With Minor Elevator Repairs
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The Importance of Keeping Up With Minor Elevator Repairs

The primary purpose of your elevator is to get people and supplies where they need to go in a building. Beyond this straightforward task, an elevator also serves as a symbol for the entire building or company; therefore, it plays an essential role in promoting a favorable brand image. Small repairs that go unheeded often lead to more significant repairs that can shut down an elevator and disrupt operations. Also, small issues have the ability to tarnish the reputation of a building or a company. Don’t let your elevator be “that scary elevator.” At PEAK Elevator, we believe keeping up with regular maintenance and performing small repairs before they get worse,  is the best way to keep your elevator reliable and safe for all passengers.

Subtle Signs of Trouble

Not all indications of trouble in your elevator are major. Some signs of concern can simply mean that true maintenance is long overdue. The following early issues point to the need for a service call:

      • The elevator is not leveling properly. This can be a sign of a few things, most commonly it is time for an oil change or your valve needs to be adjusted. Either way, small repairs or adjustments can prevent bigger problems from occurring.
      • Have you ever been in an elevator that begins to “shake”? This can be extremely scary to the riding public. This is called cavitation. You need to contact your provider to have them check this out. One small repair/adjustment can help fix this issue before it leads to a bigger repair.
      • Scraping noises can be caused for many reasons. It could mean hoistway components are dragging and may require simple adjustments.


By paying attention to these small signs, you have the opportunity to keep your system running with little disruption to clients. This is also an excellent way to extend the longevity of components and save money.

Solid Benefits of Regular Service

A scheduled maintenance program can help mitigate problems before they become large and expensive. At PEAK Elevator, our licensed technicians will adjust and lubricate components, make necessary repairs, and fix any mechanical issues on a service call.  Preventative Maintenance helps ensure a safe, reliable system while keeping your elevator code compliant. Call 303-529-9679 or send us an email for affordable solutions to elevator repairs and maintenance.

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