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The Ellies recognizes businesses in North America that exhibit exceptional prowess in the elevator and escalator industry. The Ellies is about more than just business, honoring those who exceed the expectations of their employees, customers, and community.

PEAK was awarded Best Contractor West, for the second consecutive year. PEAK won this award because of our focus on preventative maintenance, a lost art within the industry. We care about our customers, which is why we make preventative maintenance a priority. We are sure to deliver fast response times with same-day service.

We care about every facility manager, property owner, and tenant that uses our elevators. With preventative maintenance, we can ease the frustration experienced by all with an increased equipment lifespan, reduced long term costs, and mitigation of downtime. If a client’s elevator is down, they may lose money or even face legal issues. We hope to prevent those problems by providing safe and reliable equipment, as well as making service technicians available as soon as problems arise.

You can’t completely prevent a breakdown when it comes to commercial elevators. There are a lot of moving parts working together to make it go up and down. If just one piece is broken or worn, it can affect the entire elevator. As elevator experts, we are aware that problems may exist, but your commercial elevator deserves the right kind of attention, and we can provide it.

Get Started Today!

At PEAK, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. With preventative maintenance and quick problem solving, we will work to relieve the stress of elevator related issues. Contact the award-winning PEAK Elevator by calling 303-500-5218 or emailing us today to learn more.



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