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Repairing and Modernizing: Meeting All Of Your Elevator Needs

Maintaining an elevator means worrying about repairs, maintenance, modernization, and more. Fortunately, all you need to do is find a reliable elevator service provider that can do it all. Repairing issues as they arise is important, but what about when you are ready to take the next step and modernize your elevator, can your count on your service provider? At PEAK Elevator, we offer prompt and thorough repairs to keep your elevator running safely and smoothly. If you are looking for a more permanent upgrade, we offer modernization services as well.


If your elevator isn’t working correctly, it’s not only inconvenient, but it is also a safety hazard. Having issues repaired early on will save you from costly repairs down the road. In order to do so, it helps if you know what to look for. If you notice any of the following, get a repair scheduled right away.

Doors: keep an eye on the opening and closing of your elevator doors. Are they taking longer than normal to open when the elevator stops at the designated floor? Do they continue to close even when “door open” has been requested?

Mid-Level Stops: Mid-leveling is a safety hazard. In this instance, the elevator stops just above or below a floor. If riders aren’t careful, they can trip and injure themselves. This issue will not go away without a repair, in fact, it will actually continue to get worse over time.

Speed Changes: Does the elevator speed up or slow down before it stops? Does the speed keep shifting after it reaches the floor? In either scenario, there is a strong possibility a breakdown is right around the corner. Have it inspected before it comes to that.


Elevators by design will typically provide 20 to 25 years of reliable service. However, with constant use and rapidly changing technologies, you’ll eventually need to upgrade this equipment. Modernization offers several performance and safety benefits, restores reliable functionality, and improves efficiency and traffic flow.

As you consider modernizing, you’ll need a professional who can thoroughly assess the performance and safety of your elevators. Performance and safety factors such as acceleration and deceleration, floor leveling accuracy, wait times, vibration, sounds, and door open and close times should all be taken into consideration. Weaknesses in these vital areas will often reveal ways in which your elevator’s operation can be improved. While full modernization is the most effective approach, in many cases, you may be able to work smaller improvements into your budget over the course of time.

Choose PEAK Elevator

Trust the overall well-being of your elevator to the reliable experts at PEAK Elevator. Whether it be preventative maintenance, repairs, or modernization, we have you covered. Learn more by calling 303-529-9679 or sending us an email today!

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