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Safety Recommendations for Elevators and Escalators

Millions of Americans ride elevators and escalators daily. It is rare, but accidents and equipment malfunctions do happen. The following suggestions can make your experience safer and more enjoyable. In the case of a breakdown or emergency, there are procedures you can follow to minimize your risk of injury.

 General Elevator Safety

It is important to use care when boarding and exiting an elevator. Be sure to watch your step, stand clear of the doors and instruct children to stand quietly.

Never use the elevator if there is a fire in the building. In the case of fire, it is always best to take the stairs, as the elevator car can become stuck or smoky.

Elevator Malfunction

Although elevator malfunctions are not common, they can happen. In the case of a breakdown, it is important not to panic. If the elevator is malfunctioning, press the alarm or call button. A trained safety worker will come to assist you.

Keep in mind that elevators have been designed for passenger safety and comfort. Although it may seem like a tight space, be assured that there is enough air circulation in the elevator if you’re stuck for a period of time.

General Escalator Safety

Escalators are an efficient way to move from floor to floor. You can minimize your fall risk by carefully stepping on the escalator and holding the handrail. Do not walk up and down the escalator; the stairs have been designed for a person to stand in one place.

Keep all loose clothing and long hair away from any moving parts. It is usually best to stand in the middle of the escalator step and stay still until you’ve reached your destination.

Elevators and escalators are safe and useful ways of transporting people. Contact PEAK Elevator today to learn more about installing an elevator or escalator in your building.

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