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Elevator Maintenance

The 4 Key Elements of Quality Elevator Service

Your elevator is a vital part of the success and image of your commercial building. When it is working flawlessly, it reflects well on you and your property. How do you keep things going in the right direction? Elevator maintenance. Maintenance will keep your elevator in the best shape possible, making the dreaded “Elevator down for repairs” sign a rare occurrence. In order to make this possible, look for the following key elements in your elevator maintenance and service plan.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular visits from your elevator company can be quick and inexpensive. The licensed technician will do an inspection, make the necessary adjustments, and look for signs of trouble. It is easy to budget for and it can be scheduled during slow hours, limiting inconvenience to clients. This is the surest way to get the most out of your equipment.


Occasionally something will go wrong and the elevator will begin making noise, have cavitation, or stop working altogether. A company that is familiar with your elevator should be able to service the equipment quickly and efficiently and with quality replacement parts. Technicians should be able to provide emergency repairs in a timely fashion, reducing your elevator down-time and impact to the building.


At some point, you may be in the market for an upgrade on your commercial elevator. Whether your elevator needs to be more reliable or aesthetically pleasing, upgrades will ensure your elevator is functioning properly when it counts the most.  Enhancing the look and feel of the cab, shows the riding public that this elevator is well maintained and gives them the impression that they are safe riding this elevator. A new look will polish the image of your property.


If you own a number of commercial buildings or work as a property manager, you may be considering a brand-new elevator system. Selecting the right model for your building is a quantum leap forward. Your elevator service company should work with you to determine what works best for your property and budget.

A quality elevator maintenance plan can save you money while keeping people moving safely in your building. Contact Peak Elevator for an ethical, professional, and comprehensive maintenance and service plan. Call 303-529-9679 or email us today!

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