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When Is It Time to Modernize Your Elevator?

Nothing lasts forever – not even your elevator. Years of wear-and-tear caused by regular use will eventually impact performance and efficiency. The average lifespan of an elevator is about 20 to 25 years, at which point many experts will recommend modernization services. Do you know when it is time to say goodbye to your building’s current equipment and hello to an upgrade? PEAK Elevator™, a top provider of commercial elevator services and residential elevator services, presents three signs it is time to modernize your elevator.

Your elevator equipment is more than 20 years old

If you are a building manager, office manager or corporate facilities manager, you know that elevator equipment is a hefty investment. With that, it is common to want to get the most out of your equipment for as long as possible. However, hanging onto your equipment long after it has passed its prime can do more harm than good. Beyond the inconvenience of increased wait times and delays, outdated elevator equipment can pose a safety hazard for occupants. Malfunctioning components, unreliable doors and other seemingly small issues can easily worsen to become a liability. Modernizing your elevator at the recommended 20- to 25-year mark is the best way to minimize that risk. Additionally, as elevator equipment ages, obsolescence can quickly become an issue as replacement parts and equipment are more difficult to obtain.

You are making more trouble calls lately

At PEAK Elevator™, we are committed to providing elevator maintenance services whenever you need it. That is why we offer a 24-hour support line for your immediate service needs. However, if you have had your current equipment for a while, take note of how often you place trouble calls. How often does your elevator break down within a six-month period, three-month period or 30-day timeframe? If you find yourself picking up the phone to dial your elevator repair company more frequently than usual, it may be time to modernize your elevator. Regardless of its make or model, our team will happily provide a modernization estimate for your equipment, at no cost to you.

The costs of frequent repairs are adding up

Count the costs of your frequent service calls. Often, building managers or administrators find that they would save more if they modernized their equipment. Do not let the fear of service costs stop you from having safe and efficient equipment. When you choose PEAK Elevator™, we will work with you to explore the most cost-effective elevator maintenance options. We can draw up a service agreement that meets your needs and honors your facility’s budget.

PEAK Elevator™ is your go-to resource for elevator modernization

Out with the old equipment and in with the new! If you have decided it is time for an equipment upgrade, our hand-selected technicians are ready to help. Learn more about our commercial and residential elevator service offerings! Contact us online or dial (303) 466-6231 to schedule your free estimate for modernization services.

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