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Understanding Your Building’s Elevator Maintenance, Repair, and Modernization Needs

Elevators rank in the top seven most expensive items in any building. Timely maintenance and repair will protect your investment and extend the life of your elevators if performed properly, but eventually, when the equipment is 25-30 years old, modernization will be necessary and beneficial. When your elevator isn’t working correctly, it is not only inconvenient but also a safety hazard. Understanding the following steps will help you recognize when your elevator needs to be modernized.

Constant Breakdowns

The average lifespan of an elevator is 20 – 25 years. Older units are prone to malfunctioning and encounter more frequent breakdowns. Among these breakdowns is the functionality of the elevator doors. If you notice issues with the opening and closing of the doors on a monthly basis, it is time to look into modernization.

Inconsistent Floor Leveling

Inconsistent leveling is a safety hazard. When an elevator stops just above or below a floor, passengers can trip and injure themselves. Inconsistent leveling gets worse over time. As soon as you notice this is happening, contact an elevator repair company and begin discussing modernizing!

Erratic Operation, Unusual Noises or Odors, Changes in Speed

Your elevator endures lots of activity every day which places stress on all the moving parts. Erratic operation, unusual noises or odors, and/or changes in speed are all signs that something is wrong. Does the elevator stop out of level, have an unusual sound when it runs, smell like burning wires or oil, or change speeds erratically just before it stops?  In each scenario, there is a strong possibility a breakdown is right around the corner and you should contact an elevator company immediately.

Contact the Professionals

A safe and properly functioning elevator is essential to every building’s success. Not only is it convenient transportation for tenants and building patrons, but equally important, it helps passengers arrive at their destination safely and securely. Look for any of the warning signs mentioned above. If you encounter one or more of these issues or would like a free evaluation and consultation, contact PEAK Elevator by calling 303-500-5218 or emailing us for an immediate inspection, repair, or modernization quote




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