Warning Signs to Look for With Your Commercial Elevator
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commercial elevator

Warning Signs to Look for With Your Commercial Elevator

Did you know that you need to inspect a commercial elevator at least once every 3 months? Not doing so might result in avoidable injuries and elevator repair services.

There are several important signs to look for during your elevator maintenance routine. However, elevator problems aren’t always obvious if you do not have much maintenance experience.

The following guide will explain how to spot warning signs so you do not end up with a broken elevator.

Long Wait Times

During your elevator maintenance routine, pay attention to how long your elevator passengers have to wait for it to arrive. Elevators are designed to work quickly and provide guests and employees with convenience.

A slow-moving elevator can affect the productivity of an entire building. Extended waiting times might also mean there is a bigger problem with elevator parts such as the motor, pulleys, and cables.

Uneven Stops

When an elevator works properly, it should make stops with an even level on each floor. Check for uneven stops resulting in the elevator being a few inches over or below the landing point.

Mis-leveled stops usually indicate that it is time to call a repair company to fix your elevator. Uneven stops can damage different elevator components and cause people to trip if the problem gets left unattended.

Strange Noises

Elevators need to work as smoothly and quietly as possible. It allows them to run longer and produce a relaxed environment for passengers.

If your elevator begins making weird noises, it is best to call a professional to find out what’s wrong. Examples of noises include squeaking, loud thuds, and banging sounds.

If you do not fix the issue, the odd noises usually get worse over time. More importantly, the underlying problem with your elevator that causes the noises can get worse, too.

Sporadic Movements

If your elevator is working at its best, it should produce a smooth ride for passengers. Shaky movements and abrupt stops are not normal and are usually warning signs that your elevator needs attention.

The parts of the elevator responsible for moving it up and down might not be working as well as they used to. Not to mention, if an elevator stops abruptly or has irregular movements it might injure someone inside.

Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for an elevator to break down once in a while. However, if it tends to break down frequently to the point that it needs repairs, you should have a professional elevate it right away.

Depending on the damage and age of your elevator, you might require a full replacement rather than more repairs.

Maintaining a Commercial Elevator

Now you know how to identify warning signs that your commercial elevator might need special attention. Take action if your elevator moves slower, makes strange noises, has uneven stops, or becomes shaky.

Keeping up with a scheduled maintenance routine might save a passenger from injury. It can also prevent the need for an expensive elevator replacement.

You can contact us at PEAK Elevator for more information about maintenance and repair services.

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