We Were Featured in Elevator World Magazine! - PEAK Elevator
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PEAK Elevator™ - Elevator World - Jim Mcginnis co-owner of Peak Elevator

We Were Featured in Elevator World Magazine!

Have you heard the news? PEAK Elevator™ was recently featured in Elevator World! A premier industry publication, Elevator World shares building-transportation trends and vertical transportation news with thousands of professionals across the globe. In the far-reaching piece, Elevator World’s Kaija Wilkinson covers the history of PEAK Elevator™, the evolution of our business model and the vision behind our pioneering elevator franchise program. Here’s a sneak peek at what you will find in this informative article!

Meet elevator industry experts and PEAK Elevator™ founders, Jim and Randy McGinnis

As second-generation “elevator men,” the McGinnis brothers grew up around this timeless industry. In 1980, they began working alongside their father as elevator technicians, learning the tricks of the trade and cultivating a passion for quality service. Jim and Randy would eventually individually garner additional experience in elevator service and management before reconvening in 2007 to launch PEAK Elevator™. Today, with more than 1,200 units under contract, nearly 50 employees and a reputation for exceptional service, the family-run elevator company has become a trusted name in elevator and escalator maintenance.

Tap into the philosophy our elevator technicians uphold

“Professional, Ethical, Accountable and Knowledgeable” – PEAK Elevator™ is more than a brand name; it’s a brand promise. Our philosophy stems from a desire for increased customer satisfaction and engagement throughout the elevator company. The McGinnis team developed PEAK Elevator™’s business model with quality service as the base, motivating technicians to value honesty, hard work and integrity at all times. Each PEAK Elevator™ technician is hand-selected by our team, extensively trained and well versed in our industry-leading service approach. Our vast knowledge and careful regard for customer satisfaction helps us offer thorough and reliable services when customers need us most.

Learn what makes our Peak Elevator different

Everything that makes PEAK Elevator™ a go-to provider of escalator and elevator maintenance services stemmed from the McGinnis team’s bright and courageous vision. We pride ourselves on our humble origins, family-run operation and customer-centric philosophy. It shows in the quality of service we offer.

Read more about PEAK Elevator™’s history, founders and mission in the latest edition of Elevator World!

To experience the PEAK Elevator™ difference for yourself, review our commercial and residential elevator service offerings, or get started with a FREE estimate!

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