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well maintained elevator

What You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance

As an owner or building manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your commercial elevator contractor is doing what is necessary to prolong the life of your elevators and keep them up to code. To accomplish this goal, it’s critical that you have the right regular maintenance plan. The more you know about elevator maintenance, the better you can manage your elevators.

Proactive Elevator Maintenance Is a Must

Proper elevator maintenance saves you time and money. By investing in proactive maintenance and fixing small repairs on a regular basis, you are preventing large costly repairs in the future. When you know what to expect, you are more likely to budget accurately for elevator maintenance and plan for equipment upgrades as your equipment ages. The good news is, all this can be accomplished while adhering to budget restraints.

Maintenance Tasks List can Reveal Problematic Areas

Regular Maintenance check charts, “task list”, can help you keep track and identify problematic areas with the elevator unit. Some common problems exposed by the maintenance task list include:

  • Failing emergency lights
  • Malfunctioning fire recall service
  • Missing door restrictors
  • Dirty oil
  • Faulty door edges
  • Mis-leveling / valve wear

In addition to exposing problems, regular maintenance can also help you to pinpoint areas for improvement. For instance, if the elevator doors need work during multiple maintenance visits, you may want to consider replacing or modernizing your door system in the near future.

Finally, don’t forget about the peripheral items related to your elevator.

Many items get forgotten when creating a solid elevator plan. Don’t forget your machine room when focusing on the elevator plan, as it and all associated components such as fire service, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, self-locking / self-closing MR doors, lighting, and storage must be factored into your plan as well.

At Peak Elevator, we are dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of your commercial elevator. Call 303-529-9679 or email us today to discuss your maintenance needs!

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