Why Winter Elevator Maintenance Is Important?
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Elevator Maintenance

Why Elevator Maintenance is Important During the Winter

There are numerous elevator equipment to prepare for the winter season. You do not want to be caught off-guard and have to shut down a vital structure, particularly the elevator,while it undergoes repairs. Additionally, it will be more affordable and convenient to fix a problem before it escalates out of control.Here are some of the reasons you need to look into winter elevator maintenance right now and how they can protect your facility.

Ensure You Have Consistent Temperatures

In general, the temperature inside the elevator and the elevator shaft wants to be the same as everywhere else in the building if at all possible (not all shafts have heating components). When there is a drastic difference in these temperatures, condensation can build up. If this newly-formed water makes its way to the electrical components of the elevator, it causes component failure and equipment shutdowns.

Prevent Slip and Falls

Make sure the entrance to the elevator is safe on every floor. People expect to walk out safely, so do not have puddles forming randomly in the building.This is much more of a hazard during the winter because people drag in snow and ice from their shoes and while they wait for the elevator, it melts and forms a puddle.  Ice and snow-melt tend to accumulate in the door sills of the elevator and hall landings, which cause door equipment stalls and failure if the doors do not fully open or close.

Make Sure the Emergency Battery Is Fully Operational

It is many people‚Äôs fears they will end up trapped in an elevator. Power outages have been known to occur during the winter, so it is important to make sure the elevator remains operational. Your elevator should have a backup system that will work in the event of an emergency. The emergency battery powers the back-up lighting system in the car as well as the alarm bell in the event of an entrapment. Your elevator technician should be checking these devices regularly during preventative maintenance visits. Before the winter season comes in full force,  contact PEAK Elevator at 303-816-3011 today to speak to professionals who have knowledge and skills needed for your elevator care.

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