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Elevator maintenance

Why Is It Important To Maintain and Service Your Commercial Elevator?

It seems most elevators could be considered well-oiled machines, as they go up and down multiple times each day without a hitch. As a property owner, you may know all too well it’s not really that simple. Commercial elevators require maintenance and service to remain reliable.  The following are just a few of the reasons you should keep up on routine maintenance and repairs.

Maximizing Elevator Life

As a property manager or owner, you are well aware of how expensive elevators can be. You want your commercial elevator to last for as long as possible. Though a replacement, at some point, is inevitable, you want to get the most out of your elevator without wasting money on parts that could/should have been maintained properly to begin with.  When you keep current on maintenance and repair services, you can maximize the life of your elevator while protecting your riders and your investment.

Keeping Things Modern

Modernization is another important aspect of commercial elevator maintenance and service. Technology is constantly evolving, and yesterday’s modern components may no longer be modern today. Routine maintenance helps to prolong the life of the elevator and allows the mechanic to become familiar with your particular elevator. This is helpful as your mechanic will be able to tell you, over time, which parts should be upgraded to continue to prolong the life of the elevator and avoid, you the customer, from having to pay for a premature costly upgrade.

Preventing Bigger Issues

Any time you conduct maintenance and repair services, you are prolonging the life of the elevator while preventing bigger problems from arising. Sometimes you just need a small repair or adjustment to keep the elevator reliable.  If you wait to complete maintenance or a much-needed repair, the problems will become worse over time, eventually turning into a bigger, more costly repair or replacement.

Allowing for a Smooth Ride

Part of maintenance is keeping the most critical elevator components clean, lubricated, and adjusted properly.  This gives the users of the elevator a smoother ride, leaving them more satisfied with the service and feeling confident they are in a safe, reliable elevator. Trust and communication from your elevator mechanic is imperative and one of our top priorities at PEAK Elevator. A happy customer is typically one that will keep coming back.

Getting Started With Proper Maintenance

Your elevator is an important part of a well-functioning commercial building. Elevators are imperative to the operation of many buildings and properties, such as nursing homes and senior living facilities. Contact PEAK Elevator to get started with a maintenance and repair plan that will improve your elevator’s reliability while keeping cost down for property managers and owners.  Call 303-529-9679 or email us today to learn more.  We look forward to serving all of your elevator needs!

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