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3 Warning Signs Your Building’s Elevator Needs Repair

An elevator in an building is beneficial. It is a good way of transporting equipment, guests and staff. It is a welcomed alternative to taking the stairs and it comes in handy for people who are physically challenged. It also beats carrying groceries or shopping bags up the stairs. If the elevator isn’t working correctly it is not only inconvenient but also a safety hazard. Fortunately, you can prevent major issues when you recognize the signs that the elevator needs a repair.

1. Constant Breakdowns

The average lifespan of an elevator is 20 years. Older units are prone to malfunctioning and encounter more frequent breakdowns. A common problem is doors not closing or opening properly. If this happens at least once a week, it is time for a service repair.

2. Mid-level Stops

Mid-leveling is a safety-hazard. In this instance, the elevator stops just above or below a floor. If residents aren’t careful, they can trip and injure themselves. Mid-leveling gets worse over time. As soon as you notice this is happening, contact an elevator repair company.

3. Speed Changes

Your elevator endures lots of activity every day. It carries tons of weight, which places stress on all the moving parts. Speed changes are a sign something is wrong. Does the elevator speed up or slow down before it stops? Does the speed keep shifting after it reaches the floor? In either scenario, there is a strong possibility a breakdown is right around the corner. Get this inspected immediately.

A properly functioning elevator is essential. It is convenient transportation for occupants and building patrons in the building. More importantly, it helps residents and tenants remain safe and secure. Look for any of the warning signs mentioned above. If you encounter one or more of these issues, call PEAK Elevator’s 24-hour service line for immediate inspection and repairs.

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