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Elevators in a modern business building

The Biggest Way to Cut Your Elevator Equipment Costs

Repairing an elevator or escalator can be costly. And yet, there’s nothing more unsettling than entering a business or apartment building and seeing an “out of order” sign on the elevator doors. A building manager or superintendent must decide if hunting for a deal is worth a few additional days of receiving complaints. At PEAK Elevator™, we believe that clients shouldn’t have to choose between quality and affordability when it comes to seeking elevator and escalator maintenance services in a hurry.

In the same regard, we believe that an elevator or escalator repair job is neither for the undertrained nor the faint of heart. It’s part of why PEAK Elevator™ has been such a strong business for more than 30 years.

So, let us share a little secret with you: If you really want to keep your equipment costs down over time, consider taking a look at your escalator or elevator preventive maintenance program.

PEAK Elevator™ offers customized elevator maintenance services, tailored to fit the precise needs of your facility. Have a low-use situation that requires only a few maintenance visits per year? We have you covered. Have a high-traffic situation? Not a problem. Just let us hand-select one of our continually trained technicians to fit your needs. They are trained and knowledgeable on every make and model of commercial and residential elevator and escalator equipment including Schindler, ThyssenKrup, Kone, Hyundai, Sigma, Dover, Otis, Savaria, US Elevator and more.

PEAK Elevator’™s thorough preventive maintenance plans will help you keep your costs low and maximize the total lifespan of your elevator or escalator equipment, helping you to protect your investment while freeing you up to focus on what is important — optimizing and maintaining a property you can be proud of. We service both residential and commercial elevators and escalators.

When is the last time you assessed your preventive elevator or escalator maintenance program? Call an elevator maintenance company you can trust, Peak Elevator servicing all of Colorado and Wyoming at (303) 466-6231 or request more information to learn more about how PEAK Elevator™’s team of trained technicians can help you develop a customized long-term maintenance program.

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