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Caring for your elevator

The Ups and Downs of Caring for Your Elevator

You don’t want to be that guy whose elevator breaks down all of a sudden, forcing people to take the stairs, or worse, be trapped in an immobile elevator. It makes sense to always be caring for your elevator. There are some simple things to do yourself to make sure your elevator is working well, to ensure you don’t have to worry about it breaking down unexpectedly.

• Become Familiar With Elevator Regulations
Each state has specific codes regarding elevators. There are some universal safety codes, such as having emergency alert buttons and clearly marked handicap access. Other regulations vary somewhat, including labelling and exactly how maintenance should be performed. Take the time to glance through the conveyance regulations for your area and check to be sure safety rules are implemented.

• Regularly Test Emergency Systems
Make sure you know how to turn the emergency systems on and off. Regularly test to see if simple features like the alarm button in your elevator work. Make sure keys to equipment access panels, control rooms, and the emergency operation switch are in a location where it is accessible when needed.

• Keep Records of Maintenance
You might need to modernize an existing elevator or start a new construction by completely replacing the elevator. In either case, keeping records of any new parts and when they were installed saves confusion in the future.

• Make Sure To Contact your Local Inspector on Time
In most states, including Colorado and Wyoming, it is the elevator owner’s responsibility to schedule a state-mandated inspection. Don’t let the date slip by for your annual elevator review.

While there are some aspects of elevator maintenance you can do yourself, a professional in the industry must be contacted when there are repairs to be made and will make caring for your elevator easier. Even small repairs are dangerous if the elevator isn’t secured properly during maintenance.

Contact PEAK Elevator at 303-816-3011 to speak to professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed for your elevator care, from preventative maintenance to complete installations.

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