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Elevator Modernization: What Building Managers Need to Know

Elevators by design will typically provide 20-25 years of reliable service. However, with constant use and rapidly changing technologies, you’ll eventually need to upgrade this equipment. Modernization offers several performance and safety benefits, restores reliable functionality, and improves efficiency and traffic flow.

Your Business Depends on Your Elevator

The core purpose of your elevator is to provide quick and convenient transport between floors. It also offers accessibility to clients with mobility challenges, such as wheelchair and walker users. Building occupants and tenants often base a portion of their overall customer experiences and satisfaction on the reliability of the elevators and therefore, should be a key factor when evaluating your building’s elevator needs. Too many complaints about your elevator and/or an excessive number of service calls over the last 12 months may signal a need to modernize.

Why Should You Modernize?

Dependable and safe operation should be at the top of your priority list. Modernization can rectify your elevator’s existing safety and performance problems, while also offering several other key advantages:

    • Reducing the number of wasted trips
    • Shortening elevator wait times
    • Improved acceleration and deceleration rates and floor accuracy.
    • Faster and smoother door opening and closing operation


All these benefits result in an energy-efficient elevator that can reduce your overall energy usage and costs. With such improvements, energy can be fed back into your facilities instead of escaping as excess waste. As a result, your elevator machine room also stays cooler during operations. Not only that, but these upgrades can also cut down on electromagnetic noise and carbon dust, reducing potential impacts to computers and wireless networks in your building.

Evaluating Your Elevator’s Needs

As you consider modernizing, you’ll need a professional who can thoroughly assess the performance and safety of your elevators. Performance and safety factors such as acceleration and deceleration, floor leveling accuracy, wait times, vibration, sounds, and door open and close times should all be taken into consideration. Weaknesses in these vital areas will often reveal ways in which your elevator’s operation can be improved. While full modernization is the most effective approach, in many cases, you may be able to work smaller improvements into your budget over the course of time but either case, as long as you hire the right company for the job, notice the difference.

Since 1980, PEAK Elevator has been the go-to experts for commercial elevator services. PEAK offers preventative maintenance, repairs, new installation, and modernization. We offer complimentary equipment surveys and can provide budget pricing all free of charge.  Contact us by calling 303-816-3011 or send us an email today!


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