The Importance Of Routine Elevator Inspections
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The Importance of Routine Elevator Inspections for Your Commercial Property

The Importance of Routine Elevator Inspections for Your Commercial Property

Did you know that about 10,200 elevator accidents involving injuries occur each year? Most of these injuries happen due to machine malfunction that could be prevented with proper maintenance.

Part of your elevator maintenance program should include elevator inspections.

Without inspections, you might be liable if someone gets injured while riding on your elevator. To avoid this possibility, stay up to date on maintaining all elevators in your commercial property.

Keep reading to learn the importance of elevator inspections and why you should schedule one right away.

Increased Safety

Elevator inspections can increase safety for all onboard passengers. When elevators get inspected, technicians can catch possible issues before they become major.

Poorly maintained elevators might get stuck on certain floors or cause the doors to remain shut. Passengers trapped in an elevator can make for a dangerous situation.

Elevator inspections ensure proper function so that the ride is safe for everyone using it.

Improved Efficiency

Another one of the benefits of elevator inspections is that they become more efficient after the inspection.

Elevators rely on the following:

  • Pullies
  • Motion detectors
  • Air traps
  • Cables

These components lose efficiency as the elevator ages.

You can prolong the life of your elevator by inspecting it regularly. Checking and maintaining all elevator components leads to improved efficiency.

Decreased Spending

Commercial inspections help catch small problems. If you notice a problem early enough, the cost of repairs is likely to be less.

If you ignore inspections and preventative maintenance, the issue will grow. Not inspecting your elevator will cause components to fail faster than they normally would.

Always inspect elevators and opt for simple repairs when they are needed. Waiting to repair a small problem can lead to costly replacements down the line.

Enhanced Comfort

A professional elevator inspection can enhance the comfort of passengers. If you don’t have an elevator maintenance program with scheduled inspections, you won’t know when something is on the verge of breaking.

Passengers don’t have to be anxious about getting stuck in an elevator. You also don’t have to worry about the implications that come with elevator mishaps.

You’ll have peace of mind and comfort knowing your elevator is safe for anyone that rides it.


Regular inspections help you stay compliant. In most states, commercial elevators have to be inspected at least once a year.

It’s important to know that the time between inspections depends on certain factors, such as:

During an inspection, elevator testing is done too. Testing involves loading the elevator to its weight capacity to make sure the safety systems are operating correctly. This is done with test weights.

Elevator Inspections: Do You Need Them?

It’s a no-brainer that every commercial elevator requires inspections, testing, and maintenance, but not everyone is aware of the many benefits.

Elevator inspections can increase safety and efficiency while decreasing overall costs. They also enhance comfort and help you stay compliant.

Looking for a professional company that can complete elevator inspections? Contact us today to learn about our services.

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