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elevator door maintenance

Listen to the Clues Your Elevator Gives You

We all want our businesses to run smoothly, and as the owner or manager of a commercial building, you have likely made it a top priority. At PEAK Elevator, we want to help keep your vital elevator equipment in the best shape possible, which is why we want to emphasize the importance of addressing elevator concerns when they first appear. Although elevators aren’t human, they do communicate warning signals that a problem is imminent.

Jerking, Pulsating, or Lurching Rides

Not only do bumpy rides indicate an elevator problem in the works, but they also produce discomfort and anxiety for the passengers. Contact our professionals for immediate evaluation and repair to give both you and the riders peace of mind.

Elevator Doors With a Mind of Their Own

If you receive complaints that elevator doors are opening or closing unexpectedly or not opening at all, you need to contact a service technician. If your elevator still has a mechanical safety edge, you need to begin to plan to upgrade to an electronic safety edge. This will prevent passengers from having to come into contact with the doors to stop them from closing on them, preventing the building owners from unnecessary liability, and giving passengers peace of mind knowing they will not be hit by the elevator doors.

Screeches, Groans, or Other Alarming Sounds

Just like motor vehicles or appliances, your elevator often tips you off about troubles with unusual noises that can vary. Some these sounds can indicate a problem arising and it is good to have these sounds addressed to ensure they are not the beginning of a much larger repair.

Failure to Level When Landing

Whether caused by a malfunction with the selector or a potential valve issue, an elevator cab that stops just below or slightly above the floor causes a safety issue. Passengers engaged in conversation or looking at their phones can all too easily trip, resulting in serious injuries. You need an elevator technician to diagnose and repair this critical problem.

Slow-Motion Performance

If riders experience longer waits for the cab to arrive or the travel time between floors has increased, don’t hesitate to make that service call. Your elevator needs a thorough inspection to pinpoint safety issues or other escalating problems.

If you’re receiving any of these messages from your elevator, the PEAK Elevator team can help. Call 303-529-9679 or email us today for more information.

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