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elevator technician working on adjusting elevator mechanism of lift with spanner

Small Repairs That Can Make a Huge Difference

As a property owner who is responsible for the elevator, it’s essential to you that the elevator is running and reliable. Sometimes, maintenance alone cannot prevent huge problems from occurring, especially when a minor repair is necessary.  Small repairs can make a huge difference in the amount of down-time your property sees, regarding the elevator, and help extend the life of the elevator when a modernization is not always in the budget. Below are some things you can look for that may tell you it is time for a few repairs.

Why is my elevator “shaking”?

When tenants and clients are riding the elevator and it appears the elevator is “shaking” or cavitating, this can be a sign that it is time for a minor repair.  While the “shaking” sensation can be many things, it is for sure a sign that a minor repair needs to be made.

Why is my elevator not leveling properly?

When tenants and clients are riding the elevator and the elevator reaches the landing or floor, have you ever noticed your elevator is not flush with the floor?  This can be a sign that an adjustment or minor repair is needed.  Make sure to contact an elevator contractor immediately, upon noticing this, as this can be a sign of a problem that may simply need a minor repair to prevent a huge problem. This is not only a tripping hazard and huge liability to any property, this can be a sign that a repair needs to be made.

Do you have a mechanical safety edge?

Do your elevators require actual contact from a passenger to stop the doors from closing?  If so, this is a huge liability.  A simple and inexpensive conversion from a mechanical safety edge to an electronic safety edge can prevent injuries to passengers and reduce liability to any property manager or owner.

Contacting Your Elevator Maintenance Professionals

Not every maintenance contract covers every repair, especially for new attachments or components. Contact PEAK Elevator today by calling 303-529-9679 or sending us an email to get a free consultation and site survey, so that a licensed elevator technician can show you some minor repairs that can make a huge difference in the reliability and longevity of your elevator.

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